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The Rae Heint studio is an environment where artists will meet this April 6th. We are a group of painters, sculptors, musicians writers and poets. It is our belief that one art nurtures another. In this way ideas are collected and put together in an intuitive way which helps us to grow as individuals and as a group that strives for excellence in the delivery of our particular performance in art.

Participating Artists and Friends

Rae Heint

Bruce Alexander


Edwin Easydorchik

Walangari Karntawarra

Bruce Bigelow

Liisa Heint

Rodney Monk

Ulli Hansen

  This particular exhibition, held in the lunar year of the pig will centre around a large sculptural piece, mixed media, depicted in joyful colours central to the levitating experiences that we artists share in this studio. It places an emphasis and value on the importance of a multicultural vision at an artistic level so necessary to the growth of our community in Leichhardt. It packs an emotional punch, so strong, that it will bring a smile that will be remembered by people of all ages. It is designed in a loving way that allows us to feel united together as a community striving with optimism as we work as a whole in the coming year.

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